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'Lanzarote beauty' in a feature film with stars including Lucy Liu, Milla Jovovich and rapper Snoop Dogg. "In a post-apocalyptic future where humanity is plagued by disease and a perpetual heat wave, war is constant. A boy of noble birth sets out across the barren wasteland to find medicine for his dying mother, not knowing if it actually exists."

This is, in short, the story of the 2018 US feature film Future World' (Official Trailer) which features such notable actors as James Franco, Milla Jovovich, Lucy Liu and even rapper Snoop Dogg.

And although the filming took place almost exclusively in the Imperial Valley on the US border with Mexico, because there was already a disused biomass factory for mesquites and other empty factories and hotels that fitted well into the story, there is a very well-known 'guest star' in this movie.

On his way through No Man's Land, the title character meets an old acquaintance, for suddenly, out of nowhere, the 'Telamon' appears.

Some may know her by her Scottish maiden name 'Temple Hall'.

Indeed, the filmmakers have edited footage of the freighter stranded off Lanzarote near Los Mormoles in 1981 into this end-time drama.

And so one not only regularly encounters the extraordinary landscape of Lanzarote in cinema and TV productions, but also such unusual icons as the 'Telamon'


Text: Chris Ernst | Photos: Editorial Network Montefuego Media Services / Lionsgate

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