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Part 1: NUEVA CANARIA (NC) - Commitment to identity and moderate patriotism

On 28 May, two months from now, a new parliament will be elected in the Canary Islands, but also in Lanzarote all seven town halls and the island government will be newly elected. We will take a closer look at such an important event, which also has an impact on tourism and infrastructure as well as the general conditions for the holiday region, and will examine the election campaigners and their motives in detail in the coming weeks.

NUEVA CANARIA (NC) - In contrast to the two national parties PSOE and PP, which merely modify their supra-regional structures and programs for the Canary Islands and adapt them to regional conditions, the NC is a regional party which, since its foundation in 2005, has dedicated itself at its core to the development, shaping and maintenance of the Canary Islands.


Hardly any politician on Lanzarote has embodied this idea in the past four years as much as Armando Santana, who as deputy mayor of the island's capital was also responsible for trade, tourism and gastronomy.

He has impressively proven that local patriotism works in spite of the cosmopolitanism of a tourist destination. Now he is running for mayor in Arrecife, the largest municipality on Lanzarote. The packed auditorium of the civic centre signaled in an impressive way how well he has succeeded in reaching the most diverse strata of the pluralistic society of Arrecife in the past four years and to credibly convey that he will continue to work for the quality of life of the citizens.

The party 'Nueva Canaria' proves through its program that it is quite possible to strengthen one's own identity without curtailing the rights and needs of others.

NUEVA CANARIA (NC) - Party founder and incumbent leader Román Rodríguez

This was our first article to the elections on Lanzarote on 28 May 2023.

Text and photos: Chris Ernst / Montefuego Media Services

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