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From tomorrow (12 October 2022) there will be 'big cinema' on the house walls of Caleta de Sebo on 'La Graciosa' for a total of four nights. The performance is part of the project INSULARIA - ISLAS EN RED. The International Film Festival is a series of events dedicated to the island cinematographies of the world, presenting cinema as a window on the cultural diversity of the different island regions.

Together with the festival on the French island of Groix, it is the first Spanish-language film festival to exclusively show films produced on islands.

Island regions such as Iceland, Great Britain, the Scandinavian Islands, New Zealand, Ireland, the Balearic Islands, the Azores, Sardinia, Madeira, Taiwan, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka and others have come together in the different editions of our festival.


The event is modular and adapts its format to the peculiarities, needs and audiences of each island. The spaces of the event will become a showcase for the culture and filmmaking of the world islands.

On Lanzarote, the festival will also take place at CIC El Almacén, Arrecife at a later date.

The program for La Graciosa: here


Text: Chris Ernst | Foto: Editorial Network Montefuego Media Services / Ayto de Teguise

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