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Female Power - Lived Emancipation from the Roots of Tradition

A 'Closer Look' by Chris Ernst, on the occasion of the 'Night of the Lucha Canaria' in Tao (Teguise), Lanzarote.

While in various European countries attempts are currently being made from an elitist academic position to forcibly bring women into the focus of social perception through artificial language patterns and quotas, the emancipation of women on Lanzarote is taking place in a way that one would hardly expect at first glance.

In 'Lucha Canaria', a martial art, female fighters have conquered their place and are entering a formerly male domain with a matter of course.

It is a joy to experience how uncomplicatedly and smoothly it can come to a development and unfolding of personal abilities if one uses the power and enthusiasm of a community base here and does not rely on a completely unworldly catalogue of measures conceived by a small feminist elite. We can learn a lot from the little girls and young women in the arena of the Canary Islands warriors in dealing with this issue.


Text: Chris Ernst | Photos: Sabine La fotógrafa Pelirroja

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