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BLOOMING 'GREEN LANZAROTE' - it really exists

The light rains of the past few days, combined with the still pleasantly high temperatures, have led to an 'explosion' of vegetation on Lanzarote. On the slopes of the otherwise dreary and bare volcanoes, like here on 'Montaña Blanca (595 metres)', there are already signs of a comprehensive greening.

This change in the breathtaking scenery of the volcanic island can be experienced regularly in the period up to March.

In some years, Lanzarote even receives a sea of flowers and blossoms that transform large parts of the island.

In the past 15 years, for example, there have regularly been 'whole lakes of blooming flowers', as the archive photographs vividly show.

It remains to be seen how long the current green fluff on the crater ridges will last.


Text: Chris Ernst | Foto: Sabine La fotógrafa Pelirroja

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