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ARRECIFE EN VIVO 2022 - Impressions of a success story on Lanzarote

There are numerous large musical events on Lanzarote with tens of thousands of spectators. Great performers give concerts here that meet with lively demand. This year, the four nights of the festival 'Arrecife en Vivo' are among the absolute highlights.

This year, the award-winning event concept also integrated a stage on the 'Islote de Fermina' for the first time. In addition, the three well-known stages in the 'Parque Islas Carnarias', at the music pavilion in the 'Parque José Ramírez Cerdá' and the large stage in the marina were integrated into the sequence of four music acts.

Another highlight is certainly the respective musical 'walking act', which led the audience from one stage to the next venue across the capital of Lanzarote.


Text: Chris Ernst | Photos: Sabine La fotógrafa Pelirroja

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