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The celebration is also known as 'Día de la Hispanidad (Columbus Day)'. A day that traditionally evokes mixed feelings in the Canary Islands, similar to those in Central and South America, as the role and deeds of Christopher Columbus are interpreted differently in mainland Spain than in some of the conquered territories of the Canaries and the former Spanish colonies in South and Central America.

Día Nacional de España' is the official name for the Spanish bank holiday. It is celebrated on 12 October and is regulated by Law 18/1987.

"The date chosen, 12 October, symbolises the historic event of the integration of the Spanish kingdoms into a single monarchy that transcends European borders linguistically and culturally."

The celebrations traditionally include a military parade attended by the King, together with the Royal Family, the Prime Minister and other high-level representatives of all the powers of the state , including the autonomous regions.

In photo: The legendary 'Patrulla Águila' as part of the air show over Lanzarote. The Spanish Air Force aerobatic squadron consists of flight instructors at 793 Squadron of the General Air Academy.


Text: Chris Ernst & Photo: Sabine La fotógrafa Pelirroja

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